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REAL CORP 2022 Special Topic

In co-operation with and under co-ordination of Vienna International Airport.

Papers to be published in REAL CORP 2022 Proceedings with ISBN, ISSN & DOI.


Airport Cities

Liveable, walkable and bikeable green sustainable cities are in the centre of discussion when it comes to urban planning nowadays. Anyway we should not forget that cities also consist of other parts than "village-like neighbourhoods", i. e. high-speed, high-level infrastructure.

Invitation for contributions on the topic of Airport Cities and Mobility Hubs

We plan to deal mainly with the following topics:

(1) An airport and an airport city as a major workplace in a region recruits its employees from the surrounding area.

It is an exceptional situation; in the case of Vienna International Airport, around 25,000 employees commute to this location every day. No one lives locally. What can the future look like? Is a "city of short distances" feasible in Airport Cities? What about mobility, housing options at airports?

(2) What is the significance of the Airport City for the neighbouring metropolis and for the region from an economic, transport and social perspective?

(3) If we focus on job quality:

How do business locations develop in the future so that they are perceived as attractive working environments for the employees of tomorrow? What is the role of the real estate developer and owner, or what is the role of the real estate itself? Is there the fixed, physical workplace? Is there the fixed employee? Are there fixed working hours?
What opportunities do airport cities have in this context? What infrastructure and services must be in place to ensure a high quality of work?

(4) In the light of the climate debate and global and regional mobility:

What roles will airports take on in the future? Which functions and services will be attracted by them, which areas of responsibility will arise from them? How must we prepare for these scenarios as an airport city and as an airport?

(5) How can airport cities develop as mobility hubs between air, rail and road?

What significance will they acquire? What impact will the new drive systems and autonomous driving have? Are there comparable structures to Airport Cities (major train stations, highway crossings)?

(6) Fundamentally: How will future autonomous driving change mobility behaviour in airport cities? (also in relation to question 1)

How do you want to contribute?

  • presentation including paper to be published? (scientific or practical)
  • presentation but no paper
  • participating in round-table and panel discussions
  • other

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If you are interested in publishing a paper we will be glad to include it in the conference proceedings.