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Our website offers plenty of documents for download on different subpages. For your convenience the most important downloads have been put together here as a collection of links.

Abstract and paper templates

Please do not forget to download the obligatory template from our server:

Lettering and logo

Lettering and logo of REAL CORP in different file formats for use in webpages and print publications. [More...]

REAL CORP marketing folder

You want to present your company in the REAL CORP business exhibition? You want to become a partner of REAL CORP? All sponsor and partner packages are listed in our Business Marketing Folder.

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Selected photos of REAL CORP in large resolution suitable for print publications. [More...]


Download each year's whole REAL CORP proceedings since 1996 (PDF). Attention: Due to the high number of pages (800 to 1,000) the quality of these PDF files had to be reduced significantly although the files remain still quite large (~ 80 to 100 MB). [More...]

For high quality PDF files we ask you to download the requested papers from the single papers collection or order a hardcopy of the REAL CORP proceedings (CD-ROM or Book on Demand)

All REAL CORP papers since 1996

All REAL CORP papers since the first conference in 1996 are available for download. Search for author, paper title and publication year or use the full text search to find the paper you are looking for. Access to the whole REAL CORP paper archive is free. [More...]